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I don't update this as a blog, it's just to show the book,
you can see my blog here or here
But since there are apparently people believing that
May 21 is 'judgement day', thought I'd post my 2 latest
limited edition prints, while I can (!)
In case you were also left here on earth, you can email me
for more details of prints, if you wish.
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Have returned from a month in Turkey, you can again order
Burning Questions,
also see photos of my trip on my other blog


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The books are here.
They are for sale now AU $22, here on this blog,
or at Isaac's meetings,
 Paypal is only set up for single copies,
in any case 2 copies is $6 p&p, within Australia.

(Dec 2014 ~ the book price is less, but the postage is more; I've
not changed the figures, as it works out about the same)

Within Australia ~$AUD 22 for the book, plus p&p - $3.00


To the USA & Europe ~
$AUD 22 for the book plus
$AUD 14.50 p&p

With multiple orders, or other queries, please email aniewilliams
(at) gmail (dot) com, I'll get back to you.
Discount prices for larger orders (I can't set it up for Paypal)

The best way to buy overseas is either at Isaac's meetings, or to
order 10 or more from me ~ postage is a little less for bulk.

We think you'll enjoy it !


Burning Questions cover

Among the first paintings specifically about my own experience
in satsang, was the one I've used for the front cover.
It represents that stage where it seems entirely possible that one might
spontaneously combust. Burning Questions also refers to when the mind
finally quits scrabbling to understand, & there's fewer questions.

..Also, that underlying idea of "I" that causes such confusion..

What fun it was to collaborate on these pages !
(check out Isaac's schedule for meetings around the world)

There are 94 pages. An image on each of the 46 spreads, full colour
throughout, A5 page size, gatefold cover. (the black & white images are
also full colour to match the subtleties of the originals.)

Burning Questions spreads

pages 20-21

What is your body?
Where does
your body begin
and end?

pages 22-23

Does it exist
without breath ?

pages 24-25

as your body is
is an experience to you,
who are you ?

pages 26-27

Awareness is here.
Can we sense
that awareness ?
Can we see or smell it ?
without it we cannot
sense anything.

more pages


What is thinking ?
Thinking is the ability
to solve problems ~
it's great for practical things.

pages 50-51

When, unconsciously,
we wait for
a better experience,
we miss the present moment.